Dr. Ivan Nadler
New Jersey Chiropractor
One Of The Premier Chiropractors In The South Jersey Area

Treatment And Services

Dr. Nadler offers gentle low-force techniques that can help you get fast relief of your worst pains.

He is specifically trained in the following chiropractic techniques:

1. Palmer osseus manual (by hand) adjustments
2. Thompson drop low force technique.
3. Activator low force technique
4. Cox distraction technique (low back stretching technique)
5. Active release technique (ART) for muscles
6. Extremity adjustments for shoulders, elbows, hands, knees, ribs, and feet.

Additional treatment therapies used:

1. Moist Hot pack therapy

2. Electrical stimulation therapy
3. Pulsed ultrasound therapy

4. *Decompression traction
therapy for disc herniations

5. Neck traction therapy for disc herniations.
6. Nautilus rehab exercise equipment
7. Nutritional Weight Loss Counseling
8. Computerized body fat analysis
9. Cold Laser (Class 4) Therapy for Carpal Tunnel and TMJ

*Decompression Traction Therapy

Dr. Nadler is now the only chiropractor in the tri-county area (Salem, Gloucester, and Cumberland) that offers this new traction therapy. Decompression traction therapy is specifically used for disc herniations, stenosis, chronic neuritis, of the neck.


See Our State Of The Art
Decompression Traction Table

Extra Services

Dr. Nadler is always available for speaking engagements at companies or clubs. He has lectured on health topics such as work place safety, stress, nutrition, etc. Also, he participates in health fairs; Mannington Mills, Conectiv, Salem Community College, Salem County Fair, to name a few. Please contact me anytime for availability of lectures or health fairs.


Dr. Ivan Nadler
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