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16 Quick Natural Medicines And Remedies

  1. Anemia: Eat like Popeye- Iron rich foods> Spinach,
    raisins, lean red meat, and fish.
  2. Asthma: Eat fish at least 4X per week (fish oil found
    to reduce attacks), Vitamin C-1000mg per day and coffee
    with caffeine (after the Asthma attack occurs).
  3. Bad Breath: Brush and floss regularly, and eat natural
    yogurt everyday.
  4. Blood Pressure (High): Exercise, cut the salt intake and drink 6-8 glasses of water/day.
  5. Cholesterol (High): Exercise and eat 2 apples a day.
  6. Colds: Take Vitamin C 500mg-2,000mg per day and Echinacea. Also, wash your hands!
  7. Constipation: Drink 6-8 glasses of water/day, add 10 grams of fiber to diet with breafast cereals beans, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries (1 cup).
  8. Diverticulosis: Eat more fiber and less meat and fat.
  9. Fatigue: Eat healthier, take vitamin B-complex and C, and check that Iron and Thyroid.
  10. Heartburn: Cut down on alcohol, coffee and carbonated beverages and then eat a banana.
  11. Insomnia: Don't exercise 2 hours before bed-time and drink a warm glass of milk. Also, avoid caffeine 4 hours before bed-time.
  12. Kidney Stones: To avoid kidney stones, drink lots of water and stay away from salt.
  13. Leg cramps at night: Stretch your calf muscles everyday, eat foods high in Potassium, magnesium and calcium or take supplements. And, of course drink lots of water
  14. Motion sickness: Use bracelet that applies pressure inside the wrist and drink Ginger Tea.
  15. Sore Throat: Gargle with warm salt water and suck on zinc lozenges
  16. Tendonitis and Bursitis: Use ice for 15 minutes 4X per day

First Aid Tips:

  1. Bee Sting: First, carefully take out the stinger by using a credit card and flicking the stinger and venon sac away with a light scraping motion. Then use ice and try ammonia on the stinger site.
  2. Blisters: Wash with soap, use antibiotic ointment, and then add petroleum jelly.
  3. Sunburn: Immediately put a cold wet towel, and use Vitamin E lotion with 99.9% Aloe Vera
  4. Sty: A warm hardboiled egg wrapped in a washcloth and apply to eye for 5 minutes.
  5. Ticks: To remove ticks, light a wooden match, then blow it out and touch the tick's body; or use rubbing alcohol and apply to back of tick (alcohol suffocates the tick).

Call your doctor immediately if you have questions or symptoms persist!

These Natural Remedies and First Aid Tips are referenced from Home Remedies from the Country Doctor.

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